What does 3.0 mean to you, your organization, your business, your life?

How do you process the mass quantities of information being pushed in your direction? What changes do you need to make to be more effective? What are the driving factors in the marketplace and how do we stay relevant as organizations and business owners? What changes need to happen in your organization to continue to be effective? See what some of our speakers had to say our 2014 3.0 Conference videos.

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Highlights of the Spark Growth Leadership Conference 2014

Spark Growth hosted the third annual 3.0 Leaders Conference in 2014, giving thought-leaders a platform to discuss new ideas, evaluate emerging trends, and to participate in solution discovery. Topics discussed challenged attendee mindset, methods and perspectives, influenced best practices, and enhanced professional competencies. Looking for insight and potential solutions to these questions and more? Looking for ways to make an impact in your company and community? The 2014 Regional Leadership Conference met these challenges head on!

Education 3.0: Dr. Jeff Borden Keynote

Education:: Neuroscience + Learning Psychology + Education Technology = Education 3.0

In this keynote, Dr. Jeff Borden questions, how do we prepare students today for the kind of work, thinking, and problem solving that they will need in 2020? How do we prepare a workforce that will see more workers remote than at a specific location? How do we help our people, who will work more in teams than as individuals, who will work on more projects at a single time than ever before, and who will interface with technology which is changing at an ever increasing rate? How do we encourage learning for these skills when our schools are still focused on what was required in the industrial-age work of last century vs. the connected multi-tasking required today?

Ed Morrison Keynote

Collaboration:: Leadership through Strategic Doing

So you are a “getting it done” person. In working with multiple organizations, sometimes projects go well and sometimes they get bogged down…really bogged down. In today’s world collaboration is more crucial than ever, especially across regions. Welcome to Strategic Doing….a playbook tested by fire.

That’s a wrap: Education ~ Talent ~ Strategic Doing

What happens when you bring together thought leaders across sectors, and stir the pot? Here is the concluding segment from two days of provoking panels and keynote sessions.

Bright spots in education and the treasure hunt for talent meet Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe. Keynote speaker Ed Morrison from Purdue Center for Regional Development joins in the mix. Whether you were able to make this Leadership Conference or not, join us as we work together to not just talk about what we could do, but to do what we can with what we have. Let this be for you, as it was for us, a time to say, “Remember when.”

Jesse Biter Introduction to Innovative Districts

What does live~work~play mean to entrepreneur Jesse Biter and what is he doing to make a difference?

Testimonials and Comments in 2014

Randy Berridge, President and CEO of the Florida High Tech Corridor

Tracy Ingram ~ CEO of Intention Technology, Xprize Participant Team Leader

Dr. Jeff D Borden ~ Chief Innovation Officer at Saint Leo University

Ed Morrison ~ Purdue Center for Regional Development

Chuck Warrington is the Managing Director & Executive Officer of the Clearwater Gas System (CGS)

Kate Bauer ~ Program Manager Education, United Way Suncoast