Davis Graham, Educational Technology Consultant

Scheller Teacher Education Program (Prof. Eric Klopfer, Director)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Davis is a Brandeis University 2016 graduate with academic honors with a Masters of Science in Health and Medical Informatics. He is a specialist with assistive technology used in day to day application in text to speech, speech to text and concept mapping. He has 29+ years of experience as a C-level executive, of which 7 years was in Government relations in Washington D.C. The most recent 22 years was in Healthcare in the outpatient radiology industry with responsibilities for facility quality accreditations, innovative delivery models, and improved outcomes with an entrepreneurial spirit. With strong financial skills, he navigated the company to a successful sale in April 2016 to the 6th largest hospital system in the United States. As the Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) of The Great Physician Software Company (TGPSC), he designed and delivered one of the 1st Apple applications for the IBM/Merge Healthcare RIS allowing for the radiologists’ reports to be instantly delivered to referring physicians on their iPhone/iPad. As the current CINO for TGPSC, he continues to think outside of the box as a designer, motivated by innovative ideas implemented into action.


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