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2015 3.0 Leaders “The Challenge” Promo 

In today’s rapidly changing world, what will happen when YOU join with 3.0 leaders across community, civic, non-profit and private sectors? From our 2015 promotional clip, see former Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe challenge leaders to “get in the game.”


3.0 Leaders Conference 2015 Highlights Reel

April 10 – 12, 2015 Spark Growth hosted 3.0 Leaders at the Bradenton Area Convention Center. Speakers and panelists from three countries and ten states, including the District of Columbia, joined with regional leaders to share insights and practices as they deal with challenges in this rapidly changing world. Here is your opportunity to catch some of the highlights.

The Challenge of Change or “Predicting the Future”

Do you ever want to know where technology and trends are taking us in today’s world? If you are fascinated with the change happening all around us at an unprecedented pace and want to know how to navigate this territory as a leader – don’t miss this keynote from Jim Stikeleather, Chief Innovation Officer at Dell. Here Jim will share insight into how his organization is looking into the future with a compilation of research on: innovators dilemma, disruption vs sustaining technologies, internet or web of things, and a host of trends and signals. How will the organizations of the future stay relevant? Find out here!


Entrepreneurship: It is all connected

When I introduced, Kunal Jain as an entrepreneur who never met a challenge that was not an opportunity – I could not have known how true this is. As a serial MedTech entrepreneur, Kunal’s story displays entrepreneur whose positive growth mind set has empowered and propelled him to success.


Entrepreneurship: Transforming Cultures and Lives Globally

Working across the globe, Peter Righi, Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Executive and Entrepreneurship Development (CEED) shares his personal experience from participation in fostering entrepreneurs and connecting entrepreneur resources in disadvantaged societies. Entrepreneurs are building bridges across political, ethnic, gender, religious and economic sectors transforming lives and bringing hope.

“Where’s the Fun?” Creating emotionally engaging places.

Peter Kageyama is the author of For the Love of Cities: The Love Affair Between People and Their Places and the follow up, Love Where You Live: Creating Emotionally Engaging Places. He is an internationally sought-after community development consultant and grassroots engagement strategist who speaks all over the world about bottom-up community development and the amazing people who are making change happen.  He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. His favorite Quote:  “Where’s the fun?”

Ethics in Connected World

From net neutrality, to privacy, regulated practices and liability – the topic of ethics in an increasingly connected and mobile world is here to stay. Don’t miss this iconic perspective, a classic reference from early leaders in this field including former legal counsel of the Wikimedia Foundation and President and CEO of Advanced Network Solutions as they discuss setting policy and standards in technology development. Brad Patrick, Mike Potts, Rich Arter, Allan Weis

2015 3.0 Leadership Testimonials

Gail Gillian Bain, President and COO at Canadian Association of Business Incubation

Diana Shoemaker, Executive Director of Manatee County Habitat for Humanity

Peter Righi, Global Director – Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED)

Surya Raghu Founder & President – ETCube International/Advanced Fluidics  

Liz Nilsen, Sr. Program Officer, VentureWell (formerly NCIIA)

Peter Kageyama, Author of For the Love of Cities and Love Where You Live

Matt Falls, National Outreach for BusinessUSA

Jeff Orenstein, Ph. D Publisher and Author

Karl LaPan, President & CEO – Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, Board Chair National Business Incubator Association (NBIA)