View 3.0 Leaders Conference 2016 highlight reel, keynote and panel discussions.

The 3.0 Leaders Conference 2016 was a fantastic event featuring thought leaders from across North America with a global perspective. Our extraordinary speakers and attendees have lived and worked across the globe in media, industry, education, and non-profit enterprises bringing a wealth of experience to the presentations and open exchanges we hosted.

Imagine if you could watch TEDx speakers engage each other in conversation and then ask the audience to participate. That’s 3.0 Leaders! Plan to attend our next conference coming February 22-24, 2017 3.0 Leaders Convergence Conference.

3.0 Leaders Conference 2016 Playlist

The 3.0 Leaders Conference featured leaders and innovators, “heroes” in establishing innovation cultures, tackling the tough issues that are facing all leaders today. Presented and discussed were the latest ideas, best practices and lessons learned as leaders taught attendees how some of their most challenging opportunities were transformed into success stories.

2016 3.0 Leaders Keynotes and Companion Slides

3.0 Leaders Highlights from 2016 Conference Compilation

What makes 3.0 Leaders Conference different from other events? In our highlights compilation you can see for yourself –  incredible speakers, engaged audiences, networking and activities. At 3.0 Leaders we don’t want to simply provide information, we strive for a transformational experience of connection.


3.0 Leaders 2016 Promotional Clip

Spark Growth’s  announcement for 3.0 Leaders Conference 2016 featuring keynote speakers such as Tony Collins from the Blake Collins Group and David Ricketts, Director of the Harvard Technology and Entrepreneurship Center.

Don’t miss out on this chance to explore who you are and what you can do as a 3.0 Leader. Plan to attend our next conference in 2017 and we’ll see you there.

What’s Innovation Anyway? – Dr. David Ricketts – 3.0 Leaders Conference 2016

Innovator, Scholar, and Harvard University Innovation Fellow Dr. David Ricketts presented a keynote speech at the Spark Growth 2016 3.0 Leaders Conference on recognizing the seeds of Innovation and what Innovation really looks like in a world of pitches and ideas. What questions should or could you ask? What are your “What Ifs”? In his example of Nintendo, the question was “Who are your non-customers?” Later, for Apple it was “What makes something like the iPod Nano valuable?” Imagining the possibilities and making connections. That is the key from Dr. Ricketts.

Turning Cowtown to TECHTOWN – Jorge Varela – 3.0 Leaders Conference 2016

Start-Up Coach and Angel Investor Jorge Varela talks about “Turning Cowtown into Techtown” and how to run or, in his examples of the early years of Fort Worth, how NOT to run a successful business accelerator and incubation program, offering both the space and the services needed by young companies— the supporting “we” of entrepreneurship, including syndicated investment.

Future Ready Leadership – Glenn Wintrich – 3.0 Leaders Conference 2016

Innovation Officer for Dell, Glenn Wintrich offers a unique perspective on leadership and community impact in “Future Ready Leadership,” his keynote speech at the 2016 annual Spark Growth 3.0 Leaders Conference. Diving right in with “The Power of ‘YES,’” Wintrich takes the audience into the world of academia and “Smart Cities” abroad and at home as rapidly as he himself dove into his job with Jim Stikeleather as a champion of Innovation Excellence. From economic development to getting the right people on the ground, this keynote follows the path of a “Smart City” and a 3.0 world Thought Leader.

Maker Revolution – Richard Platt – 3.0 Leaders Conference 2016

Watch “Revolutions Beyond Our Imagination” featuring keynote speaker Richard Platt of SouthEast High School, one of the many highlights of the Spark Growth 3.0 Leaders Conference. Having worked with NASA and in a variety of other posts, Richard Platt retains an interest in what he calls the “Makers Revolution” (also known as the New Industrial Age). In his speech he discusses the marketization of means of production and what that means for the rising generation of Makers and Innovators.

In this keynote, Richard Platt speaks emphatically about the work performed by the students of Southeast High and how it ties into the “Maker Revolution.”

This Spaceship Earth – David Houle – 3.0 Leaders Conference 2016

RCAD lecturer and co-author of the critically acclaimed This Spaceship Earth, David Houle is a student of the great futurists and a passionate explorer of the unexplored and perilous field of climate change. This gave him insight into Earth as a “Spaceship”— an entity moving through space which we must man as a crew, not merely as separate individuals.

In global-level change and innovation, now so pressing with the constantly multiplying human footprints of climate change, Houle argues the need for unity, cooperation, leadership; he desires for his audience to face forward and recognize the impacts they make and how together the audience (along with their communities) can change the shape of these on a global field.

What We Know about Learning and Change – Jeff Borden – 3.0 Leaders Conference 2016

St. Leo University Innovation Officer Jeff Borden brings education into the discussion of 3.0 Leadership at the Spark Growth 3.0 Leaders Conference, broaching the topic of “Creating a Culture of Learning Innovation” through the lens of his role and experience as a 3.0 Education Leader. Change and innovation tie together to make him a “Cultural Learning Innovation Architect,” an important job in a rapidly progressing society. He discusses reaching an audience and establishing “urgency” as well as other key elements of education, philanthropy, and business— arenas for cultural change.

The New Health Age – Jonathan Fleece – 3.0 Leaders Conference 2016

Healthcare attorney and reform innovator Jonathan Fleece of Blalock Walters speaks on “Global Transformation” at the 2016 Spark Growth 3.0 Leaders Conference. With experience from co-writing a book on The New Health Age: The Future of Health Care in America, Fleece brings, among other things, a knowledge of the “Dynamic Flows” of healthcare to the table.

Through understanding healthcare as wellness, the speaker demonstrates a shift in the health industry and focuses on the importance of “Thinking,” “Delivery,” and “Economy” in tying together the Health Age and the 3.0 Leader Initiatives, including smart cities and big-impact change agents.

Creating New Narratives – Tony Collins – 3.0 Leaders Conference 2016

Tony Collins of the Blake Collins Group crafts a series of connections between classical narrative styles and techniques— from the honesty of George Washington and the cherry tree to the anarchism of Django (that’s with a “D”)— and the changing world of business and leadership— from the police-public dynamic to Tampa airport’s use of Uber— in “Creating New Narratives.”

2016 3.0 Leadership Testimonials

Blalock Walters Attorney Jonathan Fleece discusses his experience as a 3.0 Leader participating in the 2016 3.0 Leaders Conference, along with the continued importance of a futuristic and innovative mindset, something he found in abundance at the 2016 conference. He is inspired to continue his work as it began at this meeting of the minds, using his influence and passion to pursue “changing the world and making it a better place.”

Tony Collins, leadership member of the Blake Collins Group, offers his perspective on the Spark Growth 2016 3.0 Leaders Conference, calling it “the Best” among the many conferences he has attended in recent years. Not only did he have the opportunity to mingle with energized, intelligent Thought Leaders, but he also had the opportunity to engage his own mind and learn more about what it means to be a 3.0 Leader. The connections he formed, as well as the connections they offered, made a large impact on Tony in his professional pursuits and experience at the conference. Once again thanking Spark Growth Co-Founders Sara Hand and Stan Schultes for presiding over the conference and masterminding its proceedings, Tony Collins concludes by claiming: “It has been a great experience, [offering] great energy, great insights, and great people.”

Jeff Johnson, an AARP leadership representative, positively reviews the multigenerational outlook on how to lead and innovate, as seen in the speakers and attendees of the Spark Growth 2016 3.0 Leaders Conference. He notes how Spark Growth’s annual conferences characterize a rising entrepreneurial segment of Bradenton, the community in which they are hosted, that has, like a shark’s tooth on the beach, shown to be an unexpected and marvelous facet to the city. He also discussed the influence of Spark Growth Founder Sara Hand on the quality and movement of leadership discussion over the years, calling the conferences Spark Growth has led something he has “very much enjoyed.”

Simply Smart Travel leader Jeff Orenstein, PhD, describes the speakers as “spectacular” and the learning environment as “electric” at the 2016 3.0 Leaders Conference, claiming that, impossible though it may seem, Spark Growth Founder Sara Hand has outdone even the 2014 annual 3.0 Leaders Conference that he had thought untoppable.

Harvard Fellow and entrepreneurial leader David Ricketts advocates the importance of learning, through the 3.0 Leadership Conferences, both how to lead and how to affect change within the community in which you lead. Thanking Spark Growth representatives and Co-Founders Sara Hand and Stan Schultes, he reminds us that the conversation has not ended, as all 3.0 Leaders continue to interact and incorporate into their actions what they have learned at the Spark Growth 2016 3.0 Leaders Conference.

Internationally recognized speaker and co-author of This Spaceship Earth, David Houle (as a keynote speaker) offers a positive outlook on the work the 3.0 Leaders Conference represents, as well as the conference itself. He made many great contacts and found both the other speakers and attendees to be intelligent and interesting. His overall experience was a “great” one, and he looks forward to coming together with other influential Thought Leaders in upcoming years.

St. Leo University Student and attendee of the 3.0 Leaders Conference Kari Grippo describes her experience as a student witnessing speakers from a variety of backgrounds and markets explain the significance of leadership roles and what it takes to become that paradigm of the innovative 3.0 Thought Leader.

Representative of Inspiration Academy John Bowman offers insight into the need for Thought Leaders around the globe to meet in communities and conferences such as Spark Growth’s 2016 3.0 Leaders Conference, and also expresses his enthusiasm for the progress of 3.0 Leaders at the conference and the work Spark Growth has been doing in their community.