Simone Peterson –

MPA MBA DTM, Manatee County Neighborhood Services Specialist

Millennial. Creative. Catalyst. Dreamer. World Citizen. Meme Lover.

In her role as Neighborhood Services Specialist with Manatee County Neighborhood Services Department, she acts as a liaison between community organizations/neighborhood associations and county government. She along with her division (Neighborhood Planning) helps connect the dots for neighborhoods and make government more accessible through technology, get-togethers, social media, and word of mouth.

Simone is one of the original design team members for Manatee County’s Manatee Millennial Movement (M3). M3 is a group of county employees charged with engaging and soliciting feedback from the underrepresented young professional demographic about important changes that are happening in the county. This group has also been recognized on a national level. Additionally, she also serves as the Editor-in-Chief for Neighborhood Connections, a magazine that goes out to over 4,000 residents. The publication received third place in the Neighborhoods USA Newsletter competition.

Her goal is to get more people to realize that the answer to community questions doesn’t lie in government, but in the community itself.

Favorite quote? “Teamwork makes the dream work.”


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