Lupe Garcia – Founder:,

Lupe has been behind selling over €250 M worth of products online. She’s a true eCommerce expert and has been able to take new products from 0 to €2M/month within 6 months. She’s an industry international speaker, digital marketer, growth hacker, and Philanthropist.

– From 10k to 160k in daily sales .

– One of my favorite learning experiences was discovering and testing the very methods used now as the norm in online advertising, for example the squeeze page, exit pop, opt in-box, sales funnel, one click up-sell, just to name a few. All this while other dot.coms were going down in flames.

– I have literally become an optimizing junkie to the point where I optimize even teams of developers and creative talent. I’m never right unless the numbers say I am.

* Co – Founded my next venture that made a whopping 5M a month at its peak using all the skills and failures I had experienced from my first company.

* Later created an entrepreneur program that taught other business owners how to drive traffic, optimize their offers, expand into affiliate networks, team building, and more. Sold the program for 25k at the underground summit a first in their history. Students surpassed the master taking their offers above and over 1M a day in sales.

* From that exposure I partnered with Icontact a startup from NC. Mapping out and creating their entire online marketing funnel. Making them number 900 in Alexa rankings. Increasing their user base which ultimately resulted in the sell of the company for 169M.

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