2016 3.0 Leaders Conference

Thursday 2/18/2016:

9am – 4:30pm                    3.0 Leaders Conference: Stay Ahead of the Curve

How can your region and the diverse communities that are a part of it keep up with rapid technological, economic and social change and still maintain equilibrium?  How can business leaders effectively collaborate with educational institutions, workforce boards, and nonprofits to better utilize the talents of our diverse workforce – one that includes everyone from millennials to seniors? What do we need to do – at the regional and local level – to ensure our future economic competitiveness?

Tackle Today’s Hottest Topics:

Economic Development: Jobs & Money

Cultivate a Culture of Innovation: Communities, Education and Government

Today’s Enterprise: Virtual Workforce

Disruption: Creating Readiness for the Future

Global Thought Models: Take Local Action

Hear from extraordinary leaders and innovators, “heroes” in establishing innovation cultures, as they tackle the tough issues that are facing all leaders today. Gather the latest ideas, best practices and lessons learned as they teach you how some of their most challenging opportunities were transformed into success stories.


2/18               Thursday

Manatee Performing Arts Center

502 3rd Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34205


8:00 – 9:00           Refreshments and Networking

Opening Remarks and Welcome

                                “What’s Innovation Anyway?”

                                David Ricketts Presentation

“Future Ready Leadership”

Glenn Wintrich Presentation

                                “Cultures of Connectivity – Live, Work & Play” – Panel Discussion

                                Moderator: Sara Hand

                                Jeff Johnson, Patrick Gannon, Simone Peterson-M3, , Bob Harrigan, Tony Collins

                                “Entrepreneurship: It’s a Global Connection”

Peter Righi Conversation

                                “The New Health Age: A Global Transformation”

                                Jonathan Fleece Presentation

                                Bright Spots in Education

11:45 – 12:45      Networking and Lunch (in foyer)

                                “21st Century Economic Development – Health Care, Advanced Manufacturing, IoT”

                                Vic Ahmed Presentation –

                                “Turning Cowtown into TECHTOWN”

                                Jorge Varela Presentation

                                “New Narratives to Take Our Communities into the Future” – Panel Discussion

                                Moderator: David Ricketts

                                Tony Collins, Jonathan Fleece, Vic Ahmed, Jeff Johnson,  Dr. Jeff Borden, M3

                                Networking and Afternoon Pick-me up

                                “Growing Business with a Global Context – Where is the money?” – Panel Discussion

                                Moderator: Sara Hand

                                Gail Gillian-Bain, David Ricketts, Vic Ahmed, Kevin Burgoyne, Jorge Varela

                                “Meet Leaders. Share Methods. Change the World.” – Panel Discussion

                                Moderator: Stan Schultes

                                Glenn Wintrich  Jorge Varela, Gail Gillian-Bain, Vic Ahmed


5:00 – 7:00  Evening Reception Pier 22

Pier 22

1200 1st Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34205

Challenge your conference colleagues in energizing conversations about your new ideas and actions. Relax and hear the stories behind the accomplishments while enjoying a sunset from our Pier 22 riverfront venue.

2/19 Friday

Manatee Performing Arts Center 502 3rd Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34205 8am – 9am      Refreshments and Networking 9:00 – 9:10      Opening Remarks and Welcome “This Spaceship Earth”                      David Houle Presentation                      “Disruptive Innovation and Sustaining Stewardship” – Panel Discussion                                                      Moderator: Sara Hand                      Glenn Wintrich, Patrick Gannon, David Houle, Jonathan Fleece, Neil Beckingham, Gail Gillian-Bain                      “What we know about Learning and Change” Presentation Dr. Jeff Borden                      In Closing  – The “Doing”

Upcoming 3.0 Leaders Conference

February 22-24, 2017

Pre-Conference Workshop and Initiative Launch

Wednesday 2/17/2016: 9am – 4:30pm

Preconference Workshops – Learn the Principles Behind: Think Big, Keep it Simple, Make it Happen.

A wide variety of strategic projects worldwide are finding tremendous success with a simple, action-centric protocol – learn how to apply Strategic Doing to yours. In an engaging and inspiring workshop format, during our a.m. sessions you will be introduced to this language of action and collaboration. You will learn the few simple rules, which will give you a fresh and effective perspective for solving complex challenges and engaging the power of your networks. During the afternoon, you will experience and participate in the development of agile strategies across a variety of actual initiatives including: Millennial Engagement, Florida Main Streets, Creative New Narratives, Engineering Scholarship & Internship, Live-Work-Play Multi-generational Community, and Scaling STEM Education Success.

Morning refreshments & lunch are included. Learn more about Strategic Doing: http://facebook.com/StratDoing

2/17 Wednesday:

Manatee Performing Arts Center

502 3rd Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34205


8:00 – 9:00           Refreshments and Networking

9:00 – 9:10           Welcome (upstairs)

“If I can get you to think differently, you will act differently even before you master the skill sets to fully implement what you are learning.”

9:10 – 10:00        Introduce Panel:

Panel discussion – “Change, challenge, the future and navigating new terrain.”

Glenn Wintrich, Sara Hand, Stan Schultes, Tony Collins

What is design thinking? And agile strategies.

  • Innovation – out of the box.
  • It takes a team and working together.
  • Characteristics of movement.
  • Moving past naysayers, the tyranny of the stakeholder and overcoming fear in teams.
  • What does Success Look Like?


12:00 – 1:00        Lunch Buffet and Networking

“Creating New Narratives”

Tony Collins Presentation


Get “Your” Game On!

  • Flipchart prep
  • Share the Wealth
  • Finish line Wins


Kick-off reception 5pm – 7pm:

South Florida Museum

201 10th St W, Bradenton, FL 34205

Connect with international thought leaders in a way that will change how you think about networking. Join the cross-sector body of 3.0 Leaders speakers, panelists, and local public/private sector leaders for refreshments and high impact networking sponsored by the City of Bradenton, the Bradenton Downtown Development Authority and Spark Growth. Reception is at the South Florida Museum’s beautiful Spanish Pavilion..

Attention Span Decreases to Seconds

Informational messages bombard you daily

Global Knowledge will double every hours

Connected Devices per Person Globally 2015

Who was ever prepared for this?

Who are 3.0 Leaders?

Research shows that in the next decade, the growth of human knowledge will go from doubling every 12 months today to doubling every 12 hours. How do we, as a society, adapt to change like that? The world is changing and so are the operating rules. In fact, systems are more expansive, connected and global than ever and the pace of change is accelerating. Although a few may profess to know what the new rules are, no one person, organization or entity has all the answers. 3.0 Leaders understand the power of collaboration, and how to leverage their networks. They are not only life-long learners, but examine day by day what is still relevant and what is not. They are not afraid of the new and seek ideas that produce disruptive and game changing innovations. Return here to the 2016 Conference Outline to see the latest updates and resources to maximize your conference experience.