The world has changed and so have the operating rules. In fact, systems are more expansive, connected and global than ever and changing so quickly that although a few may profess to know what the new rules are, no one person, organization or entity has all the answers. 3.0 leaders understand the power of collaboration. They know that there is power in networks and are life-long learners. They examine day by day what is still relevant and what is not. They are not afraid of the new and seek ideas that produce disruptive and game changing innovations.  

Join 3.0 leaders across community, civic, non-profit and private sectors as together we identify best practices and meet the challenges facing our communities in today’s rapidly changing world.

Position your company as a sponsor to send your message as a leader, as an organization looking to meet the challenges that we all face and as part of a community that works together. And with your brand visible, position representatives at the event who are looking for more than just clients or a nice conversation. Attend as a leader and bring along your A-Team – those members who understand what influence, relationships and expertise mean in developing strategic partnerships and long term client engagements. We aren’t looking for leads or event referrals…we are looking to build partnerships that disrupt the status quo, transform individuals, organizations and communities, partnerships that leave attendees changed.

If you are looking for something different, if you want to be a part of something that attracts speakers and attendees of influence and thought leadership from around the world – 3.0 Leaders can be that investment for you. We are not your typical sponsorship opportunity.

Keynotes, panel discussions and breakout sessions across the three days include: Education, Investment, Technology, Change, Leadership, Innovative Districts and New Cultures of Work.

Sponsor document for more details, 2015 3.0 Leaders sponsor