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Establish Expertise, Thought Leadership and Brand Positioning

Vic Ahmed - passionatePosition your organization as a progressive leader looking to meet the challenges of tomorrow as part of a global collaborative community. With your brand visible as a sponsor, attend as a thought leader and bring your A-team – those members who understand what influence, relationships and expertise mean in developing strategic partnerships and long term client engagements. We aren’t looking for leads or event referrals, we are building partnerships that disrupt the status quo, transform individuals, organizations and communities, and that leave attendees ready to go to the next level. We are not your typical sponsorship opportunity!

Our Attendees:

3.0 Leaders are life-long learners.  They understand the power of collaboration and they know that there is power in their networks. They examine and embrace day-by-day what is still relevant and eliminate what is not. They are not afraid of the new and seek ideas that produce disruptive and game changing innovations. If you are looking for something different, if you want to be a part of something that attracts speakers and attendees of influence and thought leadership from around the world – 3.0 Leaders provides that investment for you.

3.0 Leaders provides that investment for you.

Manatee MillenialsEmerging Leaders Sponsorship

3.0 Leaders 2017 Convergence Conference is Access!

Buy one ticket – Get one ticket – Be an Emerging Leader Sponsor

In the next 10 years our world will see more societal and technological change than in the entire last century. With this incredible velocity of change, it is more important than ever for our future leaders to have access to the resources that will help them navigate this new 3.0 world.  We have created a special sponsorship opportunity specifically focused on Access to great leaders and innovators – to equip and empower our future and emerging generation of leadership.

“Millennials embody the shift in today’s workplace. They are motivated by a desire to transform themselves, their colleagues, and the world around them. Millennials respond and aspire to this type of transformational leadership. If companies want to build engaged and productive workforces, they will need to find a way to tap into the Millennial outlook.”

-Sean Graber, C0-founder and CEP, Virtuali

Take advantage of this opportunity to help change how we support up-and-coming leaders in our community!

3.0 Emerging Leader Sponsorship Package – $1,600

With a ticket for yourself and one for an emerging leader, this sponsorship package brings exceptional value. Your logo is displayed in the “3.0 Leaders 2017 Convergence Conference” digital presence, you receive group acknowledgments in sponsor credit slides, signage at the conference and verbal acknowledgment from the stage as an Emerging Leader Sponsor.

Candidates may be chosen from your own organization or through nominations, video submissions and social media campaign to determine applicants.

Testimonial from a 2016 Emerging Leader Sponsor

Chelsea - North Port Emerging Leader“In the City of North Port we make it a point to provide an environment for true leadership to blossom, in all levels of the organization.
3.0 Leaders is a great platform for the Manasota region to send its best and brightest to get in touch or reconnect with their inner CEO. Our emerging leader was inspired, energized, and moved to ‘evangelize’ her peers as a result of the experience. Keep up the great work, Sara and Stan. Mabuhay!”

Ruth A. Buchanan, MBA, CEcD

Economic Development Program Manager, City Manager’s Office – City of North Port TOP 10 IN U.S. FOR JOB GROWTH [Forbes] – Best Public Schools in Florida – North Port MSA ranks 3rd in well-being nationwide.