JohnClarkJohn Clark: New World Angels

Clark is a recognized authority in the areas of investment strategy and tactics along with a number of banking and corporate finance topics. He is now in his second career as an investor focusing on small and start up opportunities. Living on Florida’s central west coast he is dedicated to fostering a new hub for technology centered growth oriented companies. His goal is to form a wide network of investors on one hand and managers of creative, smart businesses on the other. As these links are forged the whole nation will become aware of what we have here in the I-4 corridor and our unique West Coast of Florida.

John had a lengthy career with a giant international commercial and investment bank. He spent 30+ years with Citibank/Citicorp rapidly climbing the corporate ladder, gaining skills each year. He moved upward rotating between corporate relationship departments. He first developed and sold software in the consulting area, later moving to the Autos Dept. managing the Ford Motor Co. relationship. He managed the Banks credit training program, teaching basic corporate finance to new officer candidates. Mid-career John was honored to be asked to join Citi’s Risk Management Division reporting to the Board. For a number of years he held the Banks top credit approval authority Senior Credit Officer. His analysis skills and overall record of success became widely regarded in the banking industry. In risk management he guided the risk levels Citi was willing to take on in an industry or a financial product. He created and built Bank business units based on new technologies.

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