Michael O'DonnellMichael O’Donnell has 25 years starting and building tech companies, with an emphasis on software development and Internet services. He has broad experience managing complex projects; recruiting, and developing and leading cross-functional teams. He excels at new product development and launch. Michael also have a solid track record of closing national accounts and forging strategic alliances that accelerate distribution and sales.

Michael’s Specialties include: startups, product specifications, product management, product launch, product marketing, business and marketing planning, capital placement, corporate and business development, Internet advertising models, digital content strategies, content monetization, copyright, presentations and public speaking.

Michael is the Founder and CEO of startupLeaves.com. Leaves is a social media application for telling and sharing life stories. He is Director of the Founder Institute, Tampa Bay, and is on the Board of Directors of several intermediate stage startups.

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