Bryan Kamm is Bryan Kammthe Executive Director of Industry Certification Training Centers (ICTC) and is a driving force behind a new Tampa Bay Advanced Manufacturing Skills Initiative ( to provide high school students in Pasco, Hernando, and Pinellas Counties with apprenticeship training and certifications in advanced manufacturing careers.

The American Manufacturing Skills Initiative, known as AMskills, is an industry-led economic and workforce development initiative. AMskills delivers a high-tech, world class, four-year apprenticeship program to Tampa Bay students seeking advanced manufacturing careers. The first of its kind in the United States, AMskills works with the German Embassy’s Skills Initiative and in collaboration with education, industry, and government to train the nation’s future manufacturing leaders — according to the business needs of quality product and precision engineering companies. AMskills stands apart from other apprenticeship programs, with training programs offered by industry-certified instructors, rather than teachers, at goal-centered training centers, rather than company locations.

Bryan Kamm is on record as saying, “Advanced manufacturing today offers a highly technical and rewarding career in a highly sophisticated and clean working environment. It is a far cry from the dirty shop floors that are typically the image we have in America. It is no longer blue collar, in fact, most technicians have to be very competent in math using trigonometry and calculus on a daily basis. We are seeking students with the passion and drive to create products and new innovations, who want to make an earlier investment in training and get a head start in their career!”

An industry-led $2.35 M State and County-funded initiative, AMskills brings together American and German companies and training partners. The goal: to build a strong manufacturing future for our nation. Education and training centers are located in Hernando, Pasco and Pinellas counties, with training programs provided in conjunction with regional and international manufacturing partners.

Bryan Kamm will participate in our special panel called, The Re-making of America – Advanced Manufacturing, led by Betsy Benac on Thursday, April 9.

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