john gambaJohn Gamba – President – MassiveU.

-A serial entrepreneur, John has founded, funded and exited several Internet companies in his 20 year career. After serving as an executive for two Internet professional services providers, and after forming his own Ed Tech Incubator in 1999, John Co-founded PACE – the Partnership for Academic and Community Excellence.

PACE was a school-to-home communications network that connected thousands of K-12 schools to millions of families in all 50 states. Less than eight years after its founding, PACE was purchased by NTI Group, Inc. and then sold to Blackboard, Inc. (nasd: BBBB) for $182 million.  At the time of the acquisition, NTI Connect-ED served 12% of America’s K-12 schools and sent over one billion notifications to households annually.

John is now the President of MassiveU, a Naples, FL based proprietary software as a service platform that provides social learning solutions to leading education publishers including Redbird Advanced Learning and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

ohn is also a Director of the Gamba Family Foundation – a national foundation that is committed to help close the achievement gap of inner-city schools. John is a competitive Ironman Triathlete and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

He contributed an interview for Propel Academy, titled, “Why Corporate Sponsorships Can Be Essential For Early Stage Startups,” which you can listen to here.

Join John Gamba and other entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders for the 3.0 Leaders Conference, April 2015.

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