Matthew FallsMatthew Falls was part of a team that built a technology company.  He and his team sold non-performing businesses to fund new product development, developed the core customer base by purchasing competitors, and drove license and service revenue by creating a customer-focused corporate culture, eventually selling the firm to a major national competitor.

A year later, Matthew was one of 4 people selected out of 30,000 employees to serve in the CommerceConnect pilot program in Michigan. He has won the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Gold and Bronze Awards in consecutive years for Superior Federal Service. He now works for the federal initiative BusinessUSA, a partnership between the U.S. BusinessUSA-200Department of Commerce and the Small Business Administration which is focused on outreach to state and local partners, and the business community.

At BusinessUSA, Matthew directs National Outreach which develops partnerships with state and local economic development organizations, non-profits, incubators and accelerators, working with them to introduce businesses to assistance programs such as Financing, Export Counseling, Business Planning and Intellectual Property.

In his work as a Mentor with MIT Enterprise Forum, Matthew Falls helps entrepreneurs drive organic revenue, create innovation teams that transform ideas into highly profitable products and develop internal control and cost systems that sustain profitability.

Matthew is a graduate of the University of Delaware, and attended Drexel University’s MBA program before starting the firm that became MainStreet Software Corporation. Matthew and his wife, Nina Link, divide their time between Bethany Beach, Delaware, and Washington, D.C.

Matthew Falls is joining other 3.0 Leaders to speak at the 3.0 Leaders Conference this April.

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