Mike PottsMike Potts is a co-founder and CEO at feature[23].  His love for software was first discovered while serving in the Persian Gulf, and fostered by those on the “shady” side of technology (yes hacking).  Thankfully, some very wonderful people at Raymond James & Associates saw the potential in an ex-Navy quartermaster and provided an opportunity to launch his career.  After a stint at the paper shredding company Arthur Andersen (I kid, I kid), Mike Potts discovered his passion for the craft of software engineering and all methodologies associated with its delivery.  In the 12+ years that have followed his time at Andersen, his career as a technology executive has spanned from engineering to architecture, to leading high-performing teams to achieving business objectives at organizations such as Beeline, Robert Half, CEVA and Allstate.

In addition, Mike’s survived not one tech bubble, but two (yes, he’s that old).  Today, he’s focused on advancing the state of software engineering, ethics as a professional responsibility and methods used by the engineers at feature[23]; with the sole purpose of creating measurable value within their partner organizations.

Follow Mike on Twitter: @hackmp
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/hackmp

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