Noreen KinneyNoreen Kinney, HAAC

Honorary Culinary Ambassador to Ireland in the USA (Appointed 1996)
(Bord Failte – Tourism Ireland 1996-2016)
• Culinary Impresario, Culinary Judge, Author, Culinary Instructor and University Lecturer on the Culinary Arts, Guest Chef & Speaker Demonstrator, Celebrity Master Chef
• Pioneer – New Irish Cuisine Movement (1960 – 1986)
• Published Author (five books), Commissioned Journalist  –  ‘Out & About with Noreen’  double page featured weekly in the Irish Examiner Supplement for 6 years, & 3 to 4 pages appeared monthly in the ‘Social & Personal’ magazine for 8 years – Additional published work in other papers/magazines in Europe and the USA.
• TV Guest Appearances regularly on RTE – Ireland, and on ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX in the USA
• Executive Chef & Culinary Lecturer (Food & Restaurant/Dining room management) at Schiller International University – Head Campus in Dunedin, Florida  (Schiller has six campuses across Europe in Paris, London, Madrid, Heidleburg & two in Switzerland. Developed a catering business at the University and organized Culinary Internships
• Director – Cordon d’ Or International & Florida Culinary Academy Awards
• Professional Expert and Demonstrator/Speaker on several Global Cuisines – France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, England, India, China

Prestigious Honors awarded to Noreen Kinney by the ACF (American Culinary Federation)  and the AAC  (American Academy of Chefs) in the USA

Honorary Fellow – Invited and Inducted in to the American Academy of Chefs – AAC (2011……)
Honorary Life Member – American Culinary Federation – ACF (2009…….)
Life Achievement – American Culinary Federation – ACF (2009……..)
President’s Gold Medallion – ACF (2008)

In 1960, Noreen Kinney told a close family friend, Dr. Tim O’Driscoll, Director General of Bord Failte, the Irish Tourist Board, and formerly the best man at her parents wedding: “Ireland is virgin territory to become a gourmet’s paradise.” She was enjoying lunch at the Russell Hotel in Dublin, with her parents, Tim and her handsome friend Richard, who had flown in from London to stay for Easter. Tim smiled at the teenager, and threw her a challenge to make it happen. Everyone was amused. Noreen felt inspired, and envisaged the potential to develop Ireland’s natural food resources into a New Irish Cuisine. Thus began a life long involvement with Ireland and Irish food.

“Noreen is best known for the Culinary Tours she runs throughout Ireland, and their success is a tribute to her very positive attitude towards Irish cookery. She deplores the common impression that the meager foods of the famine era still represent Irish cooking today, and points out:  “Rich in food resources with excellent dairy and agricultural produce, top quality meat and an abundance of fish around the coast, Ireland today is virgin territory to become a gourmet’s paradise.”  To help bring this about, Ms. Kinney calls for a fresh look at cooking and suggests that “La Nouvelle Cuisine” the revolutionary style now adopted by master chefs right across the Continent, calling for the use of fresh ingredients, simplicity of preparation and imaginative presentation, might be the answer.  She herself has tried to put the theory into practice during the ‘Culinary Tours’.  Using ingredients available locally, she put together her own cuisine with characteristic Irish flavours to suit the Irish taste.  I agree with Ms. Kinney’s comments about our natural resources and what we ought to be doing with them.  Results now appear in a book by Mercier Press, ‘Cooking Irish Style Today’.  I expect that the book will be popular with tourists, and will also gain the place it deserves as a family cookbook on the home market.” – Georgina Campbell , Irish Independent Newspaper

At the Small Farms Conference Show in 2012, Noreen Kinney promoted ‘The Gathering Ireland 2013’ and the ‘Presidential Scenic Culinary Tour of Ireland – September 2013.’

We welcome Noreen Kinney to the 3.0 Leaders Conference. Check out her website for even more information about Noreen:

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