Carlos Garcia
The Godfather of Traffic – Scale.College, Scale.Fund,
Carlos is a serial entrepreneur and is an expert at mass user acquisition. He’s driven more traffic than some of the largest fortune 100 companies. Some of his accomplishments include; scaling iContact to do over 1 billion impressions per month, and as a result iContact was acquired for 169 million. Carlos is also an expert on mobile apps. He’s created several mobile apps that achieved top 10 positions in the app stores. One example is Fast Outlaw which has generated millions of downloads. Other accomplishments include; helping scale the TruthAboutAbs program to do over 1 million per month in online sales. He’s also been behind generating millions of dollars in eCommerce sales. One example was a product called the Amazing Diet Patch that generated as much as 5 million per month in online sales at it’s peak.
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