John OsborneJohn Osborne, AICP, has been involved with urban planning and geographic information systems for over 23 years, working in the public and private sectors in the environmental and urban planning professions. Currently as the Planning Official and Interim Deputy County Administrator for Manatee County Government in Southwest Florida, he works across agencies, departments and disciplines to provide a more holistic approach to infrastructure and services planning in a fast-growing community.

John trains new employees and leaders on these topics and frequently speaks within the community on related issues. He is a former commissioned officer in the Florida Army National Guard/US Army Reserve, and a graduate of St. Petersburg College, University of South Florida, and Liberty University. John is an advocate of lifelong learning and is working on a graduate degree in environmental science, focusing on sustainability, from American Military University.

John is an avid bicycle commuter and advocate for quality of life and place-based related infrastructure. For fun, he likes to travel to different cities to observe their style of infrastructure. Yes, really. He also likes mountain biking and camping with his family.

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