Kevin WeissKevin is the VP of Growth & Strategy at Amplio Digital, an Amazon marketing agency based out of Boulder, CO. Since 2015, Kevin has led sales and service delivery for Amplio helping them grow from a bootstrapped startup to a Top 50 Colorado Company to Watch and Top 10 Company to Work For in CO. Amplio manages the Amazon sales channel for 40+ brands totaling over $60MM per year in global sales on Amazon.

Pursuing an interest in incentive modeling for public policy, Kevin studied political science at Boston University. After finishing up in 2006, he switched gears and became a top consultative salesperson for Boulder VC-backed SaaS companies such as Trada & LinkSmart. Kevin has since been immersed in all things digital – spanning from Amazon, paid search, content, CRM, email, landing page development, blogging, growth hacking, analytics, web development, display, retargeting, CRO and beyond. He has worked closely with over 500 brands across advertiser and publisher sides of the digital world and brings a wealth of knowledge about marketing and sales strategy for growth-focused companies.

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