Emerging Leader Sponsor

Special BOGO sponsorship for 3.0 Leaders Conference hosted by Spark Growth Sarasota-Bradenton

Businesses and individuals now have an opportunity to be recognized and sponsor an Emerging Leader from our area to the 3.0 Leaders Conference through a special “Buy one, Get one” BOGO pair of tickets. It works this way: get a ticket for yourself and one for an Emerging Leader and be known as a sponsor who cares about the future and quality of leadership in our area. Often, experienced leadership laments “the why” more Emerging Leaders are not present at the table. We decided to recognize those businesses and individuals that care to be a part of the solution through this special sponsorship.

If you decide to invest in our area and sponsor an “Emerging Leader”, you’ll be profiled as an “Emerging Leader Sponsor” at the 3.0 Leaders Conference 2015. “Emerging Leader” Candidates will be chosen through social media campaign video submissions, posted to the 3.0 Leaders Facebook page.

Are you an “Emerging Leader” here in the Tampa Bay / Southwest Florida region? Please submit your 30-60 second video telling us why you should be sponsored and post it to the 3.0 Leaders Facebook page. End your video with “Vote ME for 3.0 Leadership so I can Spark Growth!” Get your colleagues, friends and family to share and vote for your contest submission and the videos with the most votes will earn tickets for as many Emerging Leader Sponsor tickets as are available. For a great example, our team member, Kyle Nurminen, shares on Facebook why he should get your VOTE!



Attendees will network with professionals in education, business, technology, and funding, discovering solutions while collaborating with other thought-leaders to help our communities meet the challenges of our fast-moving society and rapidly changing 3.0 World. Each day will include keynote speakers, panel discussions, breakout sessions and networking that “makes a difference” for opportunities with like-minded experts across multiple spheres of influence. Topics discussed will challenge attendee theories, methods and perspectives, influence practices, and enhance professional competencies. You won’t leave this conference the way you arrived.

SPONSORSHIP: Please contact Sara Hand. Sara@S-HandGroup.com or Tel# 941.228.4033 to become an Emerging Leader Sponsor.


As an Emerging Leader Sponsor, your organization will receive recognition:

  • In pre-conference promotions as a sponsor of an Emerging Leader and with your logo on the Spark Growth and 3.0 Leaders websites
  • At the conference verbally acknowledged from the stage as an Emerging Leader sponsor
  • Follow up blog post on Emerging Leader sponsor and Emerging Leader attendee to be posted on Spark Growth website
  • One conference registration for you and one for an Emerging Leader
  • $50 discount for up to two additional conference registrations

Please start your sponsorship or post your video entry as soon as possible to get the most votes and recognition and help us “Spark Growth!” in Sarasota-Bradenton and the Tampa Bay region.

Contest Rules

Please visit http://3-leaders.com/emerging-leader-sponsor-contest-rules for full Emerging Leader Sponsor contest details.

For other details and information, please contact Stan Schultes. stan@sparkgrowth.net Tel# 941-228-2006

Stay in touch with Spark Growth via Social Media at http://sparkgrowth.net/contact-us/ & follow the 3.0 Leaders Conference and Spark Growth using Hashtags #3Leaders & #SparkGrowth